About us

 Art gallery “Art- gallery” was found in 2013 Lithuania in Visaginio city. It is special city located in the forest next to the lake shore, that doesn’t look like any other city in Lithuania. People here are surrounded by natural live nature beauty. For a reason Visagine was always appreciated for its visual art, and not only cultural activities which satisfies humans love for greatness, but also for way of gaining knowledge and reality reflection, just like part of human’s spirituality, having a big influence in social societies’ transformation and having affect to our personality development.

Virtual gallery “https://art-gallery.lt ” presents you not only famous modern artists’ works, but also the young promising authors’ works. In cooperation with professional art historians, there was brought works unconditionally of artistic value, which guarantee high status in your future collection. We really appreciate kind-hearted painters, who showed enormous wish to work with us, also we are thankful to art collectors that cooperated with us, art historians, art institutions and other whole worlds art critics.

We are happy to welcome you in our collectible online shop https://art-gallery.lt

 In our virtual gallery you can acquire soviet artworks of

 Russian and European painters. If you need help choosing

 art canvas contact us, we will do everything so that you

find your painting!