1. privacy statement

1.1. is obliged to protect your privacy. In webpage privacy policy statement is set out information about what kind of information and how we are collecting it, what is it used for and how we protect it.

1.2. Client allows collect, manage and protect person’s data in such scope and such purpose, how anticipated in this Privacy policy and another VŠĮ“Visagino meno galerija“ publicly published documents. Client has a right to cancel its permission collect and manage its personal data, request for personal data be deleted. Approval to collect and manage client’s personal data, providing or cancelling it is valid only in advance.

2.Personal data

2.1. Your personal data is managed with these purposes:

2.1.1. Selling art works on the internet and after selling client service. Manageable data: name; surname; address; email, phone number. From the last time of client’s log in to website or purchase, this data is protected for 5 years.

2.1.2. Direct payment for the service on the internet. Manageable data: name; surname; payment URL link; IP address; encrypted payment content, received to identify correctness of edocument; payment type; payment amount; phone number; email. This data is protected for 5 years after client’s last log in or purchase.


2.1.3. Creating and administrating client’s account. Manageable data: email, password created by client, with client’s consent other given personal data, related to art work purchasing. This personal data is protected for 5 years from clients last log in to website or purchase.

2.1.4. Direct marketing. Manageable data: email. Personal data usage approvement for marketing purpose expressed by marking specified field (“Order newsletter”) with tick. By not marking square, personal data is not managed by marketing purpose. Client has a right to cancel his decision any moment by pressing link, that is in every email sent by as well as contacting by email or phone. This data is protected for 5 years after client’s last log in or purchase.

2.2. 3 years of data protection is applied when client orders services of but doesn’t pay for it.

2.3. Not giving all or part private policy in paragraph 2.1 specified data, won’t be able to carry out previously mentioned purpose(-es), as in clients account won’t be created and (or) client won’t be able to purchase art works and (or) won’t be able to purchase it through the internet.

2.4. To assure that client will get appropriate purchase service, his personal data is provided to partners:

2.4.1 Personal data, collected during direct debiting for services on the internet, may be provided by: PayPal Holdings, Inc; UAB „ UAB OPAY solutions Lt“.

2.4.2. Personal data collected for art work framing purpose, it is provided in VŠĮ „Visagino meno galerija“.

2.4.3. Personal data, collected for delivery purpose, can be provided to TNT / FedEx , and other delivery companies. Personal data is provided only for delivery purpose. 2.5. For other subjects’ personal data is provided only after getting consent in advance form person.

2.6. Client has a right to get acquainted with personal information. In order to know what kind of personal data and from which source gathered, also, what purpose is is managed, what recipients they have been given to the later one year. Client has a right to contact Client’s request is complied within 30 days of client’s request day.

2.6.1. If after getting acquainted with your personal data, client establish that it is incorrect, not accurate or not detailed enough, client has a right to issue his application to, by pointing out wrong, inaccurate, not detailed enough data and (or) requesting to stop such data management (except protection) action. Personal data provided, corrected and destroyed only by clients identity and his personal data verifying documents.

2.6.2. Client’s right to stop personal data management (except protection) or personal data’s destruction, as well as request to correct personal data are realised within 5 days from request receiving day.

2.7. VŠĮ „Visagino meno galerija“ pledges not to sell or any other way disclose submitted to him personal data to third parties, except these cases:

2.7.1. if there is person’s consent;

2.7.2. Procedure provided for in Law enforcement authority along The Republic of Lithuania;

2.7.3. if necessary, to stop criminal activity or for its investigation;

2.7.4. in other The Republic of Lithuania laws and in LR concluded international contracts provided cases.

3.Direct marketing

3.1. Sometimes you can get our emails with information about new paintings, galery addition and additional service. In your account you can say that you don’t want to get emails like this. Besides that, every time getting „ “ newsletter, you’ll have a chance to specify that you don’t want to receive newsletters anymore.

4. Website monitoring

4.1. is using as tacking software, which observes clients visiting on the website habits and its usage. Basing the results from observation, we can create more comfortable website design and collocation. This software doesn’t collect any personal client information. 5. Cookies

5.1. In this website used cookies, which allow improve our provided services and present certain function, which may be useful to clients. Cookies- it is small text files, which from internet browser transferred to computer hard disc and helps us recognize your browser and follow website visitors. This way we find out, which products and services best correspond our clients’ needs. In Cookies your protected contact and other information helps us recognize your computer when you are surfing on „“ website and grant a chance to complete your order faster. Majority internet browsers cookies accept automatically, but if you wish, it is possible to change your browser settings so that it blocks cookies. Majority browsers allows possibility to refuse all of the cookies, and some allows to refuse just Third parties cookies. For example, on browser Internet Explorer you can decline all or the cookies by pressing „Tools“ , „Internet options“ „Privacy“ and choosing „Block all cookies“. However, by blocking all the cookies it can have some negative influence for using majority of websites. Our used cookies don’t reach any protected information on your computer.

5.2. We use three kinds of cookies:

5.2.1. 1 kind – necessary These cookies are necessary for browser for simple function working. Without it such services like cart or e-payments wouldn’t be possible.

5.2.2. 2 kind – page analysis This kind of cookies serve to collect information about webpage and its usage. For example, what kind of webpages are mostly visited. This data we can use for webpage improvement or for gathering statistics. These cookies don’t gather information which would identify you.

5.2.3. 3 kind – functionality This kind of cookies stays even after closing the browser – they are used for functionality, like remembering automatic registration and for better service application used for certain user. For example, we can save your order data so that next time you wouldn’t need to collect everything again. Also we can memorise your personal settings – e.g. turn on „show pictures“ function or chosen frame size. This way opening website after a few days it will „memorise“ settings.

5.2.4. We use Google Analytics for this webpage’s visits analysation perform. Google Analytics generates statistical data and other information about used webpage through cookies, which is saved on user’s computer. Generated information related to our webpage is used for reports about usage of our webpage prepare. This information Google records. Presented Google privacy policy you will find on this website

6. Links to Third parties on the webpages 6.1. This privacy application security is valid only on our owned and controlled websites. It is not valid link to other webpages and any other third parties’ collected information, which has and rules that webpage, nor cookies usage in it. Please pay attention that independent organisations work to their personal data usage and selling, and cookies usage provisions. If you want to find out how is your personal data going to be used on the other webpages, it is suggested to read webpage protection of privacy section or, if it can’t be found on webpage, contact the relevant companies. All the collected third-party data on the webpage is held by third-parties.

7. Safety

7.1. We give all of our efforts to ensure this webpage security. Data, which was presented to us, is protected using „SSL“ (Secure Socket Layer) technologies. „SSL“ – is standard personal data and credit card data coding method, which ensures that it will be safely transferred through the internet. 8. VŠĮ „Visagino meno galerija“ is registered by governors of personal data on the state register.

Each painting which was purchased on our gallery is original art work. Sometimes high-quality reproduction can differ just a little bit from original one, which is why we are always confident that painting is original painter work and guarantee that by authenticity certificate.

Certificate added by us is a contract with authors guarantee, that you buy concrete painters created art piece

Possible payment ways on the internet

Internet shops salesman suggests variety ways of paying. Some ways are safer than others. Some ways are more acceptable for salesman, others – for buyer. So, each way we will try to look over more detailed. Purchasing while collecting the item Client who chose this way of buying pays when he is called. That way of purchasing is possible in big part of Lithuania and European internet shops. Paying for the purchase in cash you can get it from salesman, via post or by delivery home. This way of purchasing is comfortable for purchaser because that way there is no electronic transaction. Salespeople don’t really favour this kind of purchasing because they receive money only after delivering purchase. Sometimes buyer changes their mind and refuses to pay for order, then for the item transportation has to pay seller.

Online banking

This method – it’s pre-payment, which is paid by online banking system. Buyer that wants to use this way of purchasing, has to have a contract with bank. Paying for items this way, online banking system generates buyer’s payment according to his order. Responsibility for the security of data is on bank, because all the cash transaction is happening on the online banking system. This kind of paying mostly happens inside the country.

Payment by transfer

Payment by transfer is the safest for buyer and seller. The only fault is that money transfer between banks take some time. Also because of big tax transfers buyers tend not to use it. Usually quite big transfers are applied for paying in different currency or by transferring money to other countries. This way of payment is safe because the money process happens between banks, but is uncomfortable price and money wise.

Use of intermediaries

Majority of online shops gives opportunity to pay through intermediaries, that are quite a lot. Probably the most popular intermediary is „PayPal“.


In Lithuania paintings deliver LP Express courier and it takes around 2-3 work days after sending it. If painting is needed sooner, contact us and we will find faster solution! If you don’t want to pay for delivery, painting can be received at our gallery in Visagine. Before that please contact us to know that order is ready. Also, in Visagine paintings deliver our gallery workers – contact, to make sure, when they deliver closest time.


In EU our paintings are delivered by TNT / FedEx courier. Paintings after being sent usually take around 5-7 work days to arrive, are sent insured and with tracking number. OUTSIDE EUROPE To all abroad countries paintings are delivered by TNT / FedEx couriers. To any place in the world painting travels around 2-3 weeks, package travel insured and with tracking number, depending on how far from Europe it is.

Please keep in mind, that sending paintings, we must give all the bills and purchase documents to customs office, which is why depending on country, it might need extra import tax. Please contact us, if you have any questions – we consult – from 2013 we have sent painting to the variety countries, starting Japan, ending Panama!

Based on consumer rights in the European Parliament and Council Directive 97/7/EB on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, the Lithuanian Civil Code Section 6366 “Things sale under contracts concluded by means of communication” the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania in 2001 17 August order No. 258 approved Things sales and provision of services when contracts are awarded by means of communication, the rules, the goods can be returned within 14 days of their receipt and delivery.

Please contact us if you want to return a painting – we will help to find the best solution for shipping and handling the return!